Yellow fleet for special tasks

Yellow fleet  for special  tasks
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine any warehouse, be it for books, electronic equipment or sweets, without a forklift truck driving around. If such a forklift has a characteristic yellow colour, then it is almost certainly a Jungheinrich.

Jungheinrich is a world-famous manufacturer and supplier of forklifts and warehouse systems. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1994, and has been present in the south of the country from the very beginning.

“Next year, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary, a period throughout which we have been directly supporting our clients in this part of Poland. We have been doing business in Katowice since 2013. The current location is our fourth site in the Silesian agglomeration and the second one in the Katowice area”, says Radosław Steczko, Southern Poland Director at Jungheinrich Poland.

The facility occupied by Jungheinrich proved to be too small for their dynamically growing business. That is why the company, slightly ahead of its anticipated celebrations of a quarter of a century on the Polish market, got itself a gift and moved their Katowice branch to a modern facility in 7R Park Siemianowice Śląskie.

“7R Park Siemianowice Śląskie is a class A warehouse, offering 12,500 m² of space. It is located directly at national road No. 94, with excellent access to the A1 motorway and express roads S86 and S1. We installed energy-efficient LED lighting in the building, and its fire load was increased to over 4000 MJ per m²”, says Maciej Krawiecki, Leasing Director at 7R SA.

“The location of the facility ensures comfortable access, and is undoubtedly its advantage. Our decision on the selection of the location was also influenced by the developer’s flexibility and the possibility of adding more warehouse and office space in the future. We find this very important in view of the company’s rapid development in Poland and the region”, emphasises Radosław Steczko.

From one customer to another

Jungheinrich has leased over 3,000 m² in the modern storage facility developed by 7R SA. The warehouse occupies almost 2,280 m², out of which 400 m² is reserved for the workshop, and offices take up the remaining 740 m². The branch in Siemianowice both sells and rents forklifts. 600 forklifts are parked in the part of the facility rented by Jungheinrich. These include, among others: ETV electric reach trucks, EFG electric forklifts, EJC electric stackers, and EJE electric pallet trucks. The most popular models are the company’s staple products, which are supplemented by other models, for example tow tractors, and even order pickers or system forklift trucks. The latest ETV216i reach truck, which has only been released this year, is also available in Siemianowice. It is the world’s first reach truck with a built-in lithium-ion battery. The truck can lift loads up to 1600 kg to a maximum height of 10.7 metres.

One of the reasons for the change of location by Jungheinrich was increasing the output of the workshop where trucks are repaired. The space occupied by it doubled after relocation from 200 to 400 m². A professional forklift washing station was installed at the workshop, and other notable areas include a large battery room, new work stations and a special lithium-ion battery repair zone. The trucks that are returned to the Siemianowice facility after rental undergo strict quality control and the used components are replaced. This allows to quickly find new customers interested in rental.

“The facility developed by 7R allowed us to change the organisation of work at the warehouse. Trucks enter the warehouse through just one entrance and leave it on the opposite side. This structure reflects the linearity of the process that the forklifts pass after the end of rental, and before they are shipped to the next customer. We first evaluate the current condition of the truck, then perform the necessary repairs and refurbish it at the workshop, and finally perform quality control”, explains Radosław Steczko.

“We always try to pay attention to the needs of our customers, regardless of the industry they are in and what amenities they expect. Planning space for Jungheinrich was an interesting challenge that required us to adopt a non-standard approach, and which I think we managed to tackle successfully”, emphasises Maciej Krawiecki.

Test drive

Customers from south-eastern Poland not only rent trucks in Siemianowice Śląskie, but can also buy new and used Jungheinrich forklifts, which are shipped to them via the Katowice branch straight from factories in Germany. Used trucks undergo comprehensive refurbishment at the Used Trucks Refurbishment Centre in Dresden, where they are subsequently shipped from to recipients all over Europe. The Siemianowice facility has a showroom where customers can view the trucks and inspect their quality.

The yellow Jungheinrich trucks are used in warehouses and production facilities in virtually every industry, like food, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, furniture, clothing, as well as in many distribution centres.

“Jungheinrich products are used by companies with large warehouses, and also those that do not have them at all, but need forklifts occasionally, for example for an event”, adds Radosław Steczko.

AUTHOR: Marta Białowąs

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