A logistic park for Tricity

A logistic park for Tricity
The beginnings, advantages and commercialization of Logistic Park Gdańsk Kowale and the plans of 7R Logistic for the next couple of years described by Ryszard Gretkowski, the vice president of the board of directors of 7R Logistic SA.

What is the origin of 7R Logistic Gdansk-Kowale Logistic Park?

In 2008 a group of companies that 7R Logistic derives from (among others, Limpol, TIM-Imex) needed a new storehouse in the Tricity to service its business. Up to then the companies had been leasing storehouse space from external suppliers. Due to the group’s dynamic growth, the management board of the companies took a decision to develop their own facility for the needs of Limpol and TIM-Imex. Having thoroughly analysed the Tricity market of storehouse spaces, we decided to develop a larger facility than we had originally assumed on account of the low number of modern storehouses available at that time. Our companies needed around 5,000 sq.m. of storehouse space to complete their logistic operations. We developed a facility twice as large (13,500 sq.m. : 11,000 sq.m. of a storehouse and 2,500 sq.m. of offices). This provided us with leasable floor space that we could offer to other companies. This is how Gdansk Kowale Logistics Centre was created.

How was the first building commercialised? How quickly did you find a tenant of its remaining part?

The design works on the building and all of the procedures related to obtaining a construction permit lasted until mid-2009. We began construction of the facility in November 2009 and the works were completed in August 2010. The facility started bringing about profits as early as during the construction. BBK SA, owner of Home&You and Essex brands decided to lease our storage space. The company took 5,000 sq.m. of storehouse space and 1,200 sq.m. of office space.

When did the subsequent 7R Logistic’s storehouse investments in Kowale take place?

Our first investment became profitable very quickly, that’s why we decided to develop another storehouse. In response to the high demand for modern storehouse spaces in the Tricity this time we decided to develop an even larger facility. 7R Logistic Gdansk-Kowale 2 Logistics Centre is a total of 25,000 sq.m. The facility was completed in August 2012 and became profitable before the end of 2012. Our third investment in Kowale: Gdansk-Kowale 3 Logistics Centre is a facility with 20,700 sq.m. surface, developed in 2014, developed in BTS formula to the exclusive use of BBK SA. The company was our first external tenant in the first storehouse. With its dynamic development it steadily increased its occupied space in 7R Logistic Gdansk-Kowale 1 Logistics Centre until there was no room for further expansion in this storehouse. This is why we decided to develop another facility entirely dedicated to the growing needs of BBK SA. At the same time by commissioning the third investment, we made full use of the land we owned at that time in Kowale. We needed to acquire more land to continue developing our logistics park in Kowale.

How large is this area? What degree of development does it allow for?

20 ha that we purchased in 2015 allows us to expand our park in Kowale by nearly 80,000 sq.m. At the end of this March we commissioned a 17,500 sq.m. storehouse in this plot. Construction of Gdansk-Kowale 4 Logistics Centre started in autumn 2015. Lease contracts for 60% of the space have been secured within the first two months. At present the facility is nearly entirely commercialised.

What are the chief assets of 7R Logistic Gdansk-Kowale Logistics Park?

Definitely, its location. Our logistics park is located in the immediate vicinity of Tricity’s ring road being part of S6 route. It is therefore very well connected with both Gdansk as well as Gdynia and Sopot. Lech Walesa International Airport is located within 5 kilometres from the park and the distance to Gdansk Port and Deep-water Container Terminal is only 10 kilometres. What is more, our storehouses are located in the proximity of a motorway, so they guarantee an opportunity of quick transfer of goods into the country.

What are 7R Logistic’s plans for the coming months?

At present our logistics park in Kowale offers as much as 77,500 sq.m. of modern storage space. The commercial success of our latest investment speeded up the decision about developing another, fifth storehouse in Kowale. We are preparing the land for construction, the planned surface of Gdansk-Kowale 5 Logistics Centre is more than 31,000 sq.m. This allows our storehouse park in Kowale offer a total of over 100,000 sq.m. of storehouse space. At present we are one of the largest storehouse space owners in Tricity and we are striving to become a leader on this market.

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